Get Covered: Affordable Health 保险 through the Washington Health Benefit Exchange

Living without health insurance can put your personal and financial health at risk. The Affordable Care Act puts health insurance within reach for nearly everyone. 保险费定价合理,甚至免费, 这取决于你的家庭规模和收入, and you cannot be denied health insurance coverage due to a pre-existing condition.




Thank you for choosing 十大正规网赌软件 for your healthcare needs. It is our mission to improve the overall health and well-being of the community we serve. We want you to understand what can be expected throughout the billing process. In order to provide you with a clear explanation of our billing and payment procedures, view 这个小册子 其中解释了:关于提交索赔的信息, 付款方式, 其他供应商的账单和其他供应商号码. 

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please visit or call our Patient Financial 服务 (PFS) department at 1.855.826.1540 or 425.690.3578,选项5. 

我们提供几种方法来 付账单.

About the Billing Process

由合同提供者(外科医生)提供的任何服务, 放射科医生, 麻醉医师, 病理学家, etc.-将由医生的计费办公室单独计费. 从签约供应商那里了解更多关于账单的信息.

You may receive a bill from 十大正规网赌软件 for the following types of services:

You may receive informational statements while your insurance company processes your claim, but you will not be required to make payment until your portion of the services are determined and sent to you in the form of a bill. 除了, you may receive a letter from 十大正规网赌软件 if your insurance company requires more information to process your claim.

如果你的来访是由于 机动车事故或与工作无关的事故:

  • 你需要提供 all automobile insurance or other third-party liability information within 15 days. VMC will pursue payment for your care from that source before billing your healthcare insurance. Most healthcare insurance policies require that all third parties are billed before they will process your claims. (十大正规网赌软件 may elect to file a lien on any potential settlement that you may pursue as a result of your injury.)

如果你的来访是由于 与工作有关的意外或疾病:

  • 十大正规网赌软件 will bill the Washington State Department of Labor & Industry, or other Employer Self Insured Workman’s Compensation programs. We will provide information about your accident and health status within the legally required time frames so that you can receive any time loss payments or other benefits associated with work related incidents. 如果您对收到的报表或账单有任何疑问, 请致电1与医院病人财务服务部联络.855.826.1540 or 425.690.3578,选项5. 我们很乐意尽我们所能提供帮助.


Medicare reclassified the VMC clinic office locations below as outpatient hospital departments, 要求VMC分两部分计费. This means that some patients may receive separate bills for facility fees and healthcare provider fees. 了解更多.

  • 喀斯喀特诊所|初级保健
  • 北卡温顿诊所|专科护理
    • 心脏病学
    • 耳鼻喉科(耳鼻喉科)
    • 助产士诊所
    • 风湿病学诊所
    • 十大正规网赌软件妇女保健(妇产科)
  • 南卡温顿诊所|初级保健
  • 肯特诊所|初级保健
  • 肯特诊所|专科护理
    • 糖尿病教育 & 营养诊所
    • 肾脏学诊所 
    • 足部医疗诊所
    • 十大正规网赌软件妇女保健(妇产科)
  • 枫谷|初级保健
  • 十大正规网赌软件家庭医学

如果您对收到的报表或账单有任何疑问, 请联络病人理财服务部. 我们很乐意尽我们所能提供帮助.  

Prevention & 常规服务
(额外费用 / 分账单)

Each insurance carrier determines which health services are included in a preventive care visit / routine annual exam at no cost to their covered patients. 

Prevention or routine exam services that are generally covered by insurance plans at no cost to the patient:

  • Physical exam, as appropriate for your age, gender, and health status
  • 关于您当前健康状况的详细问题
  • 确定健康问题和疾病的风险
  • Recommendations for screening tests/vaccines that are appropriate for your age and gender

在这些访问中, your provider is also happy to provide other services or discuss additional concerns you may have. However, it is important to know that discussion or management of issues outside of generally covered routine care services may not be covered under your insurance’s preventive care benefits, and you may incur out of pocket expenses in accordance with your insurance plan benefits. 

服务 that are generally NOT considered part of preventive coverage:

  • Evaluation and management of new or worsening health conditions (i.e. cold symptoms, a rash, muscle pain, or chronic conditions such as cholesterol or diabetes)
  • Diagnostic tests to assess a new condition or to monitor an existing medical condition

如果您希望在就诊期间只接受Prevention性护理, 让你的医生在你就诊的开始就知道.  在另一个时间解决更多的问题, 欢迎您与诊所工作人员预约, by calling the Patient Resource Center at 425-690-3535 or via MyChart.

After Your Insurance Has Processed Your Bill

十大正规网赌软件 will send a statement showing any personal financial amount you will owe after your insurance company had responded with its payment or coverage information. Insured patients who do not have 100% insurance coverage will be offered financial options for remaining balances after insurance payments.


Questions About Your Bill

关于如何阅读陈述的问题, 点击这里. If you have questions related to treatment at 十大正规网赌软件 for hospital services, 请联系:


Hours: 星期一至星期五
Tel: 1.855.826.1540
Fax: 425.690.9578
Email: 客户服务


Bills From Contracted Providers

许多医生, 救护车公司, and labs are separate businesses with their own billing and account procedures. Below is a list of groups regularly providing care to VMC patients, and may or may not participate in the same healthcare insurance contracts or offer the same financial options, 包括财政援助计划.

If you receive a bill from one of the providers below and have questions, 请直接联系他们.

 联合急诊医师  1.855.736.2703       
 InCyte诊断  800.403.6749
 LabCorp  800.845.6167
 NICU /西雅图儿童  206.987.5770
 产科医生小组  888.442.8454
 太平洋医疗公司  800.726.9180
 PacLab  425.463.3600
 多产骨科协会  425.291.1414
 Tri-Med救护车  206.988.5000
 威斯康辛大学医学  855.520.0400
 谷麻醉  888.900.3788
 有利的放射学 & 诊断服务  253.661.3300



Hospital services describes charges for facility-related services rendered at 十大正规网赌软件. 这可能包括住院和/或门诊护理,例如:

  • 急诊室
  • Implants
  • 实验室/病理学
  • 药店
  • 核医学
  • 放射学
  • 放射肿瘤学
  • 恢复室
  • 呼吸
  • 房费包括育婴室、重症/重症监护
  • 供应
  • Surgery
  • 治疗包括职业/身体及言语治疗
  • 诊所服务室 了解更多.


Professional services can be described as charges for services rendered by providers (physicians and/or other health care professionals) at 十大正规网赌软件, 如:

  • 办公室访问或咨询
  • 办公室实验室/病理
  • 办公室放射学
  • 骨折治疗
  • General Medicine (Immunizations, Cardiovascular, Psychiatry, Special Procedures etc.)
  • 小程序
  • Surgery